Signature Massage

A Swedish massage that relaxes the whole body with light to medium pressure.
60 minutes – $70
90 minutes – $110

Muscle Ease

An intensive deep tissue massage that relieves tension, stress, and fatigue. Please inform therapist if the pressure is unbearable.
60 minutes – $80
90 minutes – $135

Sports Massage

A massage that is ideal for athletes which addresses soreness and helps decrease muscle tension with stretching incorporated into the session.
60 minutes – $75

Hot Stone Therapy

A massage that uses the warmth of stones to relax muscles, ease body tension, and help increase circulation.
90 minutes – $150

Head and Neck Massage

A short massage specifically targeting muscles in the head and neck.
30 minutes – $50

Customized Massage

A short massage specifically targeting one area of concern using hot towel compresses to help immediately relieve tension.
30 minutes – $60

TMJ Massage

Massage targeting all muscles related to the Temporalmandibular Joints (TMJ) discomfort/pain. Offers relief for joint stiffness/pain to the jaw, face, and neck.
60 minutes – $80